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After a lot of requests for photosets and content and the problem most have with using Bitcoin, AriaIndex moves to a new way of making content available for it`s fans.

AriaIndex will make sets available through the download sites above. Files will be available for you through there once you have selected and bought a membership through my link which AriaIndex can verify. Follow the next two steps:

Step one (Choose): Click on one of the 3 links in the current AI Premium post, or request the set that you want by sending an email to

In the regular updates, once in the 9 updates will be an exclusive AriaIndex photoset or video, random, or by request titles “AI Premium”. In the post you will find 3 download links to password protected .rar files of the set. The sets will only be able for accessing with a months premium account (trials don`t count). If you join one of the 3 sites through one of the 3 downloadlinks, AriaIndex receives a cut of the payment. if you already have an account for one of the sites you can join another site to which you don`t have access to.

Note that with a premium account you will be able to download also content from other sites who use these platforms so you can choose which subscription suits you best.

Step two (Submit): As this only works for AriaIndex by succesful join by link exclusively from the AriaIndex page, please join the site with the same mailaddress that you will use to mail with a: the time that you joined and b: which platform you joined. Verification can take up to 24 hours. If AriaIndex can verify your join, you will receive a reply with the password for the .rar file and you can access the content.

This may all sound complicated but AriaIndex is trying to cover some of the costs of webhosting, SSL, and such. It`s a way of donating but you will be rewarded with stuff you really like.

So, what do I get for AI Premium? The idea is to contribute a months membership per exclusive set. But being a subscriber you can also request lost sets to complete your Aria collection, or videofiles, magazine scans, to name some ideas. The absolute rule on these requests is that the content is not available anymore by the original source. Of course you can suggest things which would make your Premium more valuable.